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How a prototype for Ordo is set to shake up payments.

Brand new to the market, Ordo is a groundbreaking payments service for the Open Banking era. Ordo is designed to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to stay in control of their finances - whether they’re collecting customer payments, or paying suppliers.

Competing against traditional payment giants and disruptors alike, Ordo knew first mover advantage is key in the FinTech space - but first, they needed to prove that their approach to helping business get paid was viable.

Enlisting AND’s software engineers and product specialists to tackle the challenge at speed, the first order of business was to turn product vision into working prototype. This would allow for early testing with users, and would bring the concept to life for potential investors. 

It was also an essential step for validating the architecture and technology needed to power the proposition. Given the seismic shift Open Banking represents, identifying the right tech solution and API strategy in an environment of high ambiguity would be no easy feat.

The project was delivered in two key stages:

  • A fully functional Progressive Web App (PWA), utilising the Vue framework.  This avoided the need to build separate native mobile apps alongside the main desktop experience for the prototype, dramatically accelerating delivery time.

  • An extension to the PWA, providing integration with a PSD2 sandbox environment. This would ensure flexibility in the testing approach, so that Ordo could meet the Open Banking integration standard - as the standard itself was evolving. If successful, it would mean the product was ready to integrate with other compliant services (like banks), right out of the gate.

With the prototype successfully delivered, Ordo received critical investment from Nationwide Building Society in 2019, and is due to go live this year.

We’re excited to continue to help bring Ordo to market. The joint team are now focused on:

  • Native iOS and Android apps that integrate with the broader service ecosystem. This capitalises on the particular nuances of each platform to provide a more seamless user experience.

  • A fully productionised version of the PWA to complement the native mobile applications.