Smart strategic insight designed to cut complexity and help you get to done.

We demystify digital transformation with pragmatic strategies focused on driving action.

From a bewildering array of platforms to the pressing challenges of retaining top digital talent, transforming an organisation with technology and accelerating digital capabilities is a complex prospect that touches every level of an organisation. Routinely, we see these transformation efforts fail and companies struggle to gain real value from innovation efforts. 

Together, we’ll help make sure you buck the trend.

We bring together experienced practitioners from a variety of disciplines to take a close look at the challenges facing your business - from technology to people, data to culture. This wide-angle perspective provides a richer, fuller picture of just what it will take to accelerate your digital capabilities, and create the right environment and internal conditions for success.

  1. PRODUCT A digital product today needs to be more than ‘good’: it needs to be right. We focus on defining exactly what ‘right’ means - for your business, and your users - and establishing effective product management to give you confidence that products are funded, built and iterated appropriately.

  2. TECHNOLOGY The technology ecosystem that powers your business is as unique as a fingerprint, and ensuring it’s fit-for-purpose is a continuous process. AND’s technologists and engineers architect practical solutions to your most complex tech challenges - optimising for today, and ensuring you’re ready for tomorrow.

  3. PEOPLE Success in digital is dependent on your ability to build high performing teams. With specialists in organisational design and talent development, we focus on understanding the culture and environment in which your teams operate, identifying ways to progressively adapt both for optimum results.

  4. DELIVERY Breakthrough success requires discipline in delivery. Appropriate methods and techniques are key - but there’s no one-size-fits-all: what works for one organisation may not work for another. With a pragmatic eye, we help you learn, adopt, and adapt the practices you really need to succeed.

  5. INSIGHT Companies today generate enormous quantities of data - but knowing how to translate raw insights into outsized competitive advantage is another thing entirely. We work with in-house teams to put actionable data at the heart of your transformation agenda - from setup, to ongoing measurement and analysis. 

Our experienced strategists and consultants have paired with tech leaders and organisations of every size and sector to help shape smarter paths toward digital transformation.

  1. SET CLEAR DIRECTION Define a best-in-class vision and strategic roadmap to drive decision-making and alignment, informed by an experienced, external assessment of what great looks like for your organisation.

  2. MOVE WITH CONFIDENCE The pace of modern, connected business means identifying your next step can be a daunting prospect. Together, let’s map the right path forward to ensure your next move delivers real impact.

  3. BIAS FOR ACTION Put down the 100-page report. Instead, we’ll focus on capturing sufficient information and structure to empower action, with the right mechanisms in place to learn and adapt as we go.

  4. UNLOCK OPPORTUNITIES Identify and prioritise emerging opportunities and underserved outcomes quickly. Whether new product propositions or optimised ways of working, let’s seize the day.

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