The AND Story

The AND Journey

Back in 2014 AND Digital founder, Paramjit Uppal, had an idea. He knew that the future of every business depended in their ability to apply smart technology to all they do - from serving customers, driving revenues to growing markets. But organisations did not just need someone to build great digital products, ultimately they needed help to transform their own digital capability so they could develop products themselves.

Paramjit knew there was a need for a business that did all this, but was structured to attract and nurture superbly talented digital minds. He knew it would take a very remarkable company to do all of this this.

Hello AND Digital...

About The AND

AND is such a small word, but one of so much possibility. Click below to find out more about the AND name, our AND culture and our AND chair!

What's in a name?

The Power Of The AND

AND Digital embraces the “genius of the AND”, a phrase from celebrated management guru Jim Collins, who stated that a truly visionary company embraces both ends of a continuum. The ‘AND’ in our name represents this thinking. And we know remarkable things start to happen for us and our clients when opposites come together.

We've got that AND feeling

The AND Culture

At AND Digital there’s a buzz. It’s the buzz of brilliant, curious people set free to imagine the impossible. A hubbub of ‘what ifs?’, ‘why nots?’ and ‘let’s trys’ all working together to push boundaries and create the future of digital.

Please take a seat

The AND Chair

When each of our ANDis join, they take a seat in our AND Digital chair and strike a pose for their professional & ‘AND’ title photos… But our special red chair is more than just a prop, it represents our ANDis having a seat at the table and their voice being heard within AND Digital – whatever their level or experience!

Our Values

Our AND Digital values are what keep us ticking, they were created when we were founded and they have held true ever since. Check them out below:


Imagine the impossible then make it a reality. Love what you do. Play and learn by engaging in your passion every day. Challenge yourself to go further.


Exceed expectations by delivering better results, faster. Leave our clients wanting more of what we can bring. Build your own skills and our clients' capability.


Collaborate internally and externally.
Be part of the digital revolution. Lead the discussion and build a following. Give back.