Full Stack Software Developer (Internal)

At AND, we accelerate the development of digital capabilities. In practice, that means helping ambitious leaders and organisations build the teams, products, processes and even operational structures they need to close the digital skills gap within their organisation today, so that they thrive tomorrow.

Clients rely on our experience, agility and craft skills across tech and business strategy, software development and product management to address some of the toughest challenges facing their businesses.

We bring aboard thinkers, tinkerers, passionate software craftspeople and inspiring technologists to help us solve these challenges. Together, we’re united by a sense of pragmatism, purpose and a deeply-held belief that digital products and technology alone won’t transform a business or save the world: it’s the people that count.

This role can be done in any of our clubs across London, Reading, Leeds, Manchester, Halifax and Edinburgh.

As an Internal Developer at AND Digital, you will be responsible for the upkeep, introduction and maintenance both in infrastructure (operational) and software development. As part of this role, you will:

  • Lead maintenance, development and deployments of AND internal applications.

  • Examine existing applications and services, detailing required improvements; administering fixes.

  • Review internal development practises including security requirements, improving them and assisting with the distribution and implementation.

  • Guide project teams in regards to development best practices, ensuring they’re implemented and adhered to.

  • Introduce stable development practices, securing and stabilising existing applications.

  • Update documentation specifically to help with ongoing application development and support, including documenting best practices, use cases, learning materials and experiences that can be shared throughout the business.

  • Guide team members and development teams of working practices, and become a leader in business software development.

  • Establish frameworks and foundations for internal development, building on principles, tools and practices already in place - enabling software development functionality to be expanded.

  • 2+ years working as a Full Stack Software Developer.

  • Proficient in Agile ways of working.

  • Experience with JS, React & NodeJS with exposure or experience with .NET Core & Java.

  • Collaborative and proactive with a strong appetite to learn and innovate.

  • Understanding AWS deployments and services - experience with ‘Infrastructure as code’ tooling, practices and frameworks, e.g. Terraform.

  • Proven experiencing deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting production services.

  • Competency in container platforms (such as Docker).

  • Working knowledge of Integration/deployment tools (CircleCI/GitlabCI).Ability to manage backlogs and prioritise work - collaborative and proactive with a strong appetite to learn and work within unknown tech stack.

  • Ability to work independently as well as leading projects.

From the work we deliver, to the way we serve and support our people, we work hard to ensure that there’s nowhere quite like AND. But joining a company is a two-way street: the fit has to work on both sides. So before you apply, here’s three key things to understand about us:

  • We’re built for people - like, real humans. Not ‘resources’ or ‘staff’. That means happiness and wellbeing really do matter to us, and we hate unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy.

  • There’s no well-trodden path ahead: AND is growing fast and forging a new trail. That’s exciting, and gives us all the autonomy and opportunity we love - but bear in mind it also demands focus, patience and resilience.

  • Diversity is a priority. After all, to build great products that a wide variety of different people love to use, we need a wide variety of people to help us build them. So diversity is more than a policy or a word: it’s business critical for us.