At AND, we accelerate the development of digital capabilities. In practice, that means helping ambitious leaders and organisations build the teams, products, processes and even operational structures they need to close the digital skills gap within their organisation today, so that they thrive tomorrow.

Clients rely on our experience, agility and craft skills across tech and business strategy, software development and product management to address some of the toughest challenges facing their businesses.

We bring aboard thinkers, tinkerers, passionate software craftspeople and inspiring technologists to help us solve these challenges. Together, we’re united by a sense of pragmatism, purpose and a deeply-held belief that digital products and technology alone won’t transform a business or save the world: it’s the people that count.

Our Club Execs have the exciting AND important role of leading a Club. They endeavour to keep their people and clients happy and engaged with the work we do. In their day to day world, this means looking after 80 - 100 ANDis and a portfolio of 4 to 12 Clients.

They work together with their Club Management team, including a People Operations Lead, Squad Leads and a Service Delivery team to build a great Club Culture and grow their Client Accounts.

Ensure 80 - 100 people are highly engaged and happy

Focussed on: People Development and Growth; Performance Management; HR Ops; High Engagement

Generate £8 - 10 million in revenue per year and associated P&L target

Focussed on: Helping their client’s with delivering work; With their Service Delivery team, growing and sustaining client account; Pipeline Management; Budget Forecasting; Invoicing/collections

Look after a client portfolio of 4 - 12 Clients

Focussed on: Working with their client’s C-Suite people to achieve their digital ambitions; deepening relationships to deliver the AND mission; ensuring our clients are highly satisfied

Be one of our ‘Pioneers’

As a member of our Leadership team, you will play a key part in creating, challenging and growing on the journey to realising our company vision.

Understand our unique culture

Our Club Execs promote and protect the brand, culture and values, that make us so remarkable. People are at the heart of our business.

Get our business and op model

It’s a unique one and we’re growing fast. Our Club Execs work within our club op model and principles and understand the areas where they can flex.

Be a leader in the tech or digital world

We’re a tech company. We don’t need you to know how to code, but being from this world and passionate about all aspects of digital will help you to be successful.

From the work we deliver, to the way we serve and support our people, we work hard to ensure that there’s nowhere quite like AND. But joining a company is a two-way street: the fit has to work on both sides. So before you apply, here’s three key things to understand about us:

  • We’re built for people - like, real humans. Not ‘resources’ or ‘staff’. That means happiness and wellbeing really do matter to us, and we hate unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy.

  • There’s no well-trodden path ahead: AND is growing fast and forging a new trail. That’s exciting, and gives us all the autonomy and opportunity we love - but bear in mind it also demands focus, patience and resilience.

  • Diversity is a priority. After all, to build great products that a wide variety of different people love to use, we need a wide variety of people to help us build them. So diversity is more than a policy or a word: it’s business critical for us.