Coach Tech Delivery and .NET

Coaching, mentoring, and up-skilling AND Digital’s people in Tech Delivery and .NET practices.

What you’ll be doing

    • Coaching  – Working with individuals and teams using peer and performance coaching techniques to support their development of Tech Delivery and .NET practices.
    • Mentoring  – Working with individuals and teams using directive mentoring, proven skill / role development ‘Learning Pathways’, and hands-on interventions to support their  development of Tech Delivery and .NET development practices
    • Training  -Working with individual and teams using 1 to 1, workshop, Communities of practices, and bootcamp up-skilling sessions to develop Tech Delivery and .NET development practices.
    • Insight – Create insightful content for AND Digital up-skilling workshops, AND Digital Communities of Practice, and AND Digital Blogs to develop Tech Delivery and .NET development practices


  • Quality Assurance – Conduct regular Tech Delivery and .NET development practice reviews with individuals and teams, providing direct real time feedback, and sharing summaries / actions with AND Digital Service Delivery Leads / Managers
  • Organisation support  – Support with pre-sales, early client engagements, coaching team operations, and club operations (as required)
  • Client Engagement – Build and maintain strong relationships with clients across all levels of the organisation, and become a trusted advisor to client Leadership teams



  • Experience coaching individuals and teams to improve practices.
  • At least seven years working in development teams
  • At least five years leading development teams
  • Experience with Agile delivery techniques (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, BDD)
  • Experience of a wide range of development languages, libraries, frameworks, and practices
  • Experience with Tech delivery techniques (e.g. Development / XP, DevOps and Security, Architecture)
  • Ability to get hands-on and pair with the product delivery teams as and when required
  • Proven leadership ability with the ability to articulate both technical and non-technical ideas
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology standards, industry trends, emerging technologies, and software development best practices by attending relevant conferences and reading widely
  • Encourage contribution to open source software development, standardisation of technologies, and evolution of best practices by collaborating with peers outside the company, releasing code, presenting at conferences, and writing for publication (online or offline)
  • A good Computer Science degree from a recognised University
  • Development / XP – Knowledge with / Experience of:-
    • Select and define the software development methodology for use by product delivery teams
    • Ensure that technology standards and best practices are maintained by delivery teams
    • Establish and coach teams and clients on coding conventions and documentation standards
    • Conduct code reviews as defined by the software development methodology
    • Seek opportunities for innovation – both internally and externally with our clients
    • Experience in more than one backend focused technology (e.g. Java, PHP, .NET, Angular, Node.JS)
    • Experience in more than on Front-end focused technology (e.g. HTML/CSS, React, Angular, Vue)
    • Experience of eCommerce platforms and frameworks (e.g. Hybris, ATG, Websphere)
  • DevOps and Security – Knowledge with / Experience of:-
    • Good Experience with DevOps and web server configuration.
    • Experience with DevOps tools (e.g. Jenkins, Docker, Rancher)
    • Experience with information security vulnerabilities and risk management.
    • Experience with security / penetration testing.
  • Architecture
    • Significant experience architecting and creating technology roadmaps
    • Experience and understanding of architecture roles – solution, data, technical, integration
    • Provide assistance for our teams with the product roadmap and digital product and IT strategy
    • Evaluate and identify appropriate technology platforms, including web application frameworks and the deployment stack for client product delivery
  • .NET – Knowledge with / Experience of:-
    • IDE: Visual Studio with C# 5.0+ (mainly for the async / await features introduced here)
    • Frameworks: Experience of WebForms and MVC.NET
    • IoC: Autofac, Unity, Spring.NET
    • ORM: Entity Framework or NHibernate
    • Testing: NUnit or Visual Studio Testing Suite
    • Mocks / Fakes: Moq.
    • Profiling: Ants profiler
    • Web services: ASMX, WCF or Web API (Web API being truly RESTful so preferred)


  • Experience in large and complex eCommerce / digital online environments
  • Experience working with senior business and technical people
  • Experience in Enterprise Architecture, Product review / selection processes.
  • Experience of leading multiple development teams
  • Knowledge of mobile development practices
  • Consultancy / professional services experience

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