ANDChat: How Is Software *Actually* Built?

Location: Google Digital Garage, 39-43 King Street , M2 7AT
Cost: Free

Join us at Google Digital Garage for our latest AND Chat in Manchester, with AND Digital Product Developer, Paul Aldred Bann.


You know that programmers write code...but do you know how they get all those obscure lines of text to come together to make a functioning product? Do you know how multiple contributions to the same complex solution can be knitted together to form the greater whole?

In this workshop, Paul will be running through a sprint planning session from a software engineer's perspective. He will discuss how knowledge gaps within a proposed tech stack can be filled. Together, we'll also take a look at some of the many tools available that can help software engineers collaborate in the interest of releasing a fully functioning product that meets requirements.

The evening will include a time boxed working session - What Is Sprint Planning?

Who should join:

If you're a software engineer, then much of this talk might not be new to you - but it's a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge. For non-technical members of the audience, the session will give you a greater understanding of how software engineers work, and what they're really doing behind the scenes.

About Paul:

Paul is a software engineer with an interest in technology that extends far beyond his day job. He's been involved in building software products for over 25 years (starting early with a Commodore 64 and BASIC). Having been involved in all layers of development, from infrastructure and low-level back-end code all the way through to client-facing technologies, he's ideally placed to bring to life how software is actually built.

As always, expect fantastic networking with likeminded individuals in the world of tech and digital plus delicious pizza and beer!

We look forward to welcoming you on the night,
Club Kilburn @ AND Digital


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