AND Breakfast: Core vs. Edge Innovation with Mark Zawacki (London Edition)

Location: Balthazar 4-6 Russell St, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5HZ
Cost: Free

At this AND Breakfast, business strategist, Mark Zawacki will discuss his research results from a co-authored initiative on 'core vs edge innovation', and how large multinationals will need to fundamentally rethink their current approach to transformative and strategic innovation. 

He’ll explore recent experiences from leading global organisations on the application of edge innovation models, exploring the organisational roadblocks and cultural barriers to corporate innovation they have encountered - and how such barriers are easier to overcome than you might think.

If you’re within an executive or leadership team position with a focus on transformation and innovation, please fill in the form below to reserve your place.

About Mark:

Mark Zawacki is a business strategist, keynote speaker and angel investor and a member of the AND Digital Advisory Board. He’s the co-founder of 650 Labs, a strategy firm that supports multinationals globally understand the broad-based disruption across industries now emanating from Silicon Valley. Mark helps many large non-tech companies navigate through and around disruption, in order to sustain market share, grow revenue and remain relevant for the long term. Prior to 650 Labs and Milestone Group, Mark spent nearly a decade as a strategy consultant with the CSC Index, working in Amsterdam, London, Sydney and San Francisco.

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