AND Chat: Old Dog, New Tricks: Agile In 2020

Location: AND Digital, 18 Henrietta Street, London, WC2E 8QH
Cost: Free

We are excited to welcome you to an interactive AND Chat session dedicated to the old and new in Agile. 

The 12 Agile Principles are 18 years old. Some might now be considered out of date; some vague/woolly and some wholly unachievable in today’s ever-changing world. In 2001, Agile was trying to change how we developed software. In 2019, Agile is expected to change organisational culture and the entire product development lifecycle, so how can these 12 principles help us to achieve this, and what challenges do we have to overcome on the way?

This interactive session will see two of our Agile Coaches, Darryl Bucksey and Kelly Cook, unpack these principles and try to understand the problems that teams face with implementing these principles in today’s world. We will co-create some hints and tips for each principle to try and conquer these challenges, and we will share our views on what we feel are the most important Agile Principles going forward.


About Darryl Bucksey
Darryl is an Agile Coach at AND Digital supporting multiple teams across various domains. He is passionate about ensuring teams are working on the right product at the right time, whilst encouraging them to always think about continuous improvement and becoming better than they are today.

He is an experienced coach, product owner and scrum master with a proven pedigree of creating and helping to deliver ​customer-centric digital products​ which solve a need in the market. He also enjoys working with leaders in how best to evolve their teams and helping them to understand what good looks like in terms of both agile and product ways of working.

About Kelly Cook
As an Agile Coach at AND, Kelly supports several teams and their stakeholders along their journey to becoming effective, high-performing Agile teams, delivering great products across a diverse range of industries.  She is an experienced Coach and Scrum Master of both co-located and distributed Agile teams, from start-ups to large enterprises using Scaled Agile, and from beginner to seasoned Agile teams.

Kelly is passionate about developing a continuous improvement mindset in teams, and encourages teams to stay in touch with their team health and happiness as part of their continuous improvement routines. She also enjoys coaching leaders in how to support their Agile teams, how to foster the environment and culture where Agile teams thrive, and how to create Agile communities in their organisations.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Mel and Vihra,
Events Team, AND Digital

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