AND Breakfast: Putting Developers At The Centre Of Services with Microsoft’s Dr Ian McDonald (Manchester Edition)

Location: The Principal Manchester, Oxford Street, Manchester, M60 7HA
Cost: Free

Microsoft is on a mission to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. But how? For Microsoft, they believe it starts at home with the developer experience - you need to make developer’s lives better. From finding a way for developers to easily and securely share projects, through to tools that will simplify deployment. Join Dr Ian McDonald, CTO in Residence at Microsoft for Startups, as he discusses how Microsoft keeps developers happy and shares their latest innovations.

If you are a CTO or CIO and would like to gain insights from Ian’s impressive breadth of experience, please complete the form below to apply for a space at the event.

About Ian:

Dr Ian McDonald has been a visionary technology leader for over 20 years, with extensive experience that ranges from global responsibility for IT to leading software development teams. He has previously lead teams at a range of corporates and startups and built systems on a global scale - leading highly successful teams that have built thousands of servers in the cloud, and services that work with billions of data points per day. Ian has a first class honours degree in computing and maths and a doctorate in network congestion. He also has been a contributor to the Linux kernel and other open source projects.

The breakfast will be held on Tuesday 1st October from 8:15am - 10:30am in Manchester. The exact location will be confirmed soon.


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