AND Breakfast: Progressive Replatforming with Mike Pohlschmidt (Leeds Edition)

Location: Sky Lounge, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Granary Wharf, Leeds, LS1 4BR
Cost: Free

Many of the software solutions implemented a decade ago - solutions many businesses rely on today - simply weren’t built for the new reality of mobile and Cloud computing. The answer lies in replatforming, but without the right strategy in place, this process can become a double-edged sword: expensive, time consuming and risky - but which, if avoided altogether, can be even more costly further down the line.  In this case study-driven discussion, AND Digital's Head of Technology, Mike Pohlschmidt, makes the case for a new approach: progressive replatforming.

If you are a CTO/CIO or senior technical lead, this is the event for you - please apply below to register your interest.

About Mike:

When it comes to technology, Mike has held just about every role there is in the software business and his experience is second to none. He has been a core developer as well as product director, and worked with clients both big and small - from Deutsche Bank to small non-profits. Throughout his varied career, one thread, however, is constant: some might be gurus and some might be ninjas, but Mike is a consummate Professional Cleaner: thriving on the challenging projects others shy from, Mike 'cleans' up complexity to deliver exceptional, fit-for-purpose products and services.


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