AND Breakfast: Legacy Debt: Assessing Your Organisation’s Adaptability with Brad Power (London Edition)

Location: Balthazar 4-6 Russell St, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5HZ
Cost: Free

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As software continues to ‘eat the world’, the pace and scale of disruption impacts businesses across the globe. In particular, this places successful, large organisations under immense pressure as they struggle to adapt and remain relevant to their customers within fast-moving, increasingly volatile environments. This puts resilience and an organisation’s ability to adapt to rapid change high on the C-Suite agenda. However, this growing need for adaptability also places unnatural stresses on the operating models of these organisations - which have been optimised, not for adaptation, but for operational excellence. 

We are delighted to welcome global thought leader and academic, Brad Power, as he guides us through this complex challenge. Brad will join us from the US to share recent research analysis that demonstrates how accurately assessing the scale and scope of an organisation’s legacy or technical debt can provide an estimation of its adaptability. His research, conducted with research partner Roger Camrass, provides large organisations with a concise and robust framework for embedding adaptability across the business.

Join us for this essential session with one of the world’s foremost thinkers on process innovation. This event is ideally suited for executive leaders with a focus on estimating legacy debt and evaluating the long-term viability of an enterprise.

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About Brad:

With a passion for re-engineering companies to make continuous innovation a key capability, Brad is a world-renowned expert in process innovation with over 35 years’ experience in research and consulting. By enabling clients to focus, accelerate, and sustain process improvement, Brad helps large organisations respond and adapt more quickly to the pressures of disruption - enabling them to better compete with nimble startups and digital giants alike.

Brad's international experience spans 18 countries and many industries. He has worked on reengineering initiatives – large and small – as well as on complex technology projects. Currently, Brad is Questrom Digital Fellow at Boston University, where he lectures on digital strategy and transformation. Prior to this, he’s worked with management guru, Michael Hammer, on IT strategy and business re-engineering. He has also led a process management research centre at Babson College and worked with the Lean Enterprise Institute’s Jim Womack on Lean transformation. 

With a Silicon Valley appreciation for all things digital and disruptive, Brad is a regular keynote speaker and frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review and Forbes.


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