AND Breakfast: Continuously Modernise Your Legacy Systems with Dr Eban Escott

Location: Balthazar 4-6 Russell St, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5HZ
Cost: Free

We are excited to welcome thought leader, academic, and CEO of Codebots, Dr Eban Escott, for a briefing on a new strategy for legacy system transformation. In competitive consumer markets, decision and strategy makers must make continuous modernisation a priority if they want to wrestle back control, gain clarity and drive successful digital transformation projects.

Join us as Dr Escott shares information around the necessary migration activities from his latest book, Bots That Code: The Continuous Modernisation Playbookthat address both the technical and cultural challenges around software projects. When a software/people fit is found, momentum is gained, business agility increases and your organisation will be in a more powerful position to face the future.

If you are a CTO or CIO and would like to gain insights from Eban’s impressive breadth of experience, simply fill in the form below to reserve your place.

About Eban:

Eban is the CEO and co-founder of Codebots, WorkingMouse and RogueTwo and has over 20 years of work experience as an information technology professional ranging from startups to large businesses. He is a strong believer in applying startup methodologies, such as Lean and design thinking, in assisting businesses with product and traction development. Dr Escott received his PhD from The University of Queensland in 2013. His thesis, 'A model-driven approach to developing and testing web applications', was the result of his passion for improving software engineering processes. This research underpins the Codebots platform. He now holds an adjunct position and sits on the Queensland AI board. He is a thought leader in the area of Model-Driven Engineering and believes that software engineering can be significantly improved by bots and humans working alongside each other in the software engineering process.

Codebots is an enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), that equips businesses with the tools required for digital transformation. WorkingMouse is a software development service business that is powered by the Codebots platform. Rogue Two provides operational support for Codebots-built software applications. Combined, the company has grown from 4 people in 2015 to 61 people in 2019, across Brisbane, Singapore and London locations.

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