Your (Bonus) Mission; Should You Choose To Accept It.

18 October 2017 | Stephanie Moriarty | About a 2 minute read
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It’s common place for a business to offer a bonus scheme as part of a remuneration package, but here at AND Digital we like to do things a little differently. Rather than your bog-standard meeting of sales targets or hitting productivity we have bonus missions set that relate to our company values of Share, Wonder & Delight. By setting these quarterly rather than annually ideas are kept fresh and the motivation continues.

A bonus in the AND Digital style is a great tool to influence employee behaviour as can been shown with examples of previous missions from our internal team:


Spend a proportional amount of time working each week from all our locations. We now have offices in Covent Garden, Aldwych, Liverpool Street, Old Street, Maidenhead and Manchester, so making sure we visit each location really helps you feel part of the company. You learn the different ways of working in the spaces available whether that be the calmer feeling of a smaller office or the hustle and bustle of being in amongst the squads working away on a project. Getting to work face to face with people you may otherwise only email is also important when building relationships with your fellow ANDis.


Meet a Product Analyst AND a Product Developer and understand their work on a client. Having never been out to a client site it was great to catch up with a PA in that environment to see what it is they really get up to. Something you don’t really get to appreciate when your head is usually stuck into your own finance spreadsheets day to day. This allows for an understanding for the project, the team and the tech used. It is great to find out what it is that ANDis do and the way we help our clients.


Delight = Pulse engagement score. Our monthly check-in on how each ANDi is feeling. With the tag line “You look AMAZING, but it’s important to keep an eye on your vitals, so we’d like to take your Pulse” you can’t help but start the short questionnaire with a smile. The questions delve into your views on the Management Team, how much you believe in the work that AND Digital does and how supported you feel in your role day to day.  It doesn’t take long (it’s not a chore) and gives meaningful information back to the company and our Chief Happiness Officer that they can consider and start actioning.

Employee bonus schemes can create competitive behaviour or dog eat dog environments to ‘get your bonus’ but our approach provides real motivation with this scheme helping us integrate with other parts of the business, make real changes and impact. Most of all the missions are achievable so you have that knowledge that you’ve done what you can to obtain the reward for your hard work.

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