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13 July 2017 | About a 3 minute read
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As a member of the Marketing team at AND, I get to be involved in some brilliant and exciting projects, ranging from our recent rebrand, organising big events and undergoing collaborative work that ultimately, makes the AND Digital brand stand out from the crowd and (hopefully) live up to it’s “be remarkable” mantra. Having only been an ANDi for four months, I have already learnt what feels like a gargantuan amount, and that is down to the team and ethos held here at AND Digital.


A part of my role which has effectively contributed to the knowledge gained is that I proof read and upload other ANDis’ blogs. Reiterating the AND values of “Wonder. Share. Delight”, ANDis creatively gather and build blogs that are intriguing, exciting and full of knowledge.


The importance of a marketing department can be underrated, with a lot of people (me included at one point) thinking that marketing was just the creative, colourful elements of a business and brand. What I have come to learn, is that Marketing can ultimately change how a potential client, customer or recruit views a business – it is where first impressions really matter. Therefore, the ‘Wonder. Share. Delight’ values of AND really allow us to constantly improve and change the way we market the company.


Here at AND, we are all encouraged to engage in our passions and share the knowledge of those passions with others – in many formats, including blogs. Reading and editing other ANDis’ blogs has allowed me to understand certain tech and digital theories that I did not understand previously and gain insight into the roles they undertake. It also enabled me to learn how AND Digital’s collaborative work and play have enabled us to gain the 28th spot in the Times Best 100 Small Companies to work for.


Reading through other ANDis’ blogs has allowed me to grasp the passion and excitement everyone has for their roles and their interests. By AND giving all employees the freedom and opportunities to learn from others, everyone can develop further and become the best at what they want to do – perhaps that’s the reason AND also won the Times “Learning and Development” award (shameless plug – hey, what can I say? We’re proud of it!)


Furthermore, reading blogs written by your own people can help Marketing teams in the following ways:

– As marketers, it is vital that we understand current culture (which is forever changing) and what is happening outside the walls of the company. Failure to understand or keep up to date with what is happening currently within the industry and culture is deciding that we are OK to be at a competitive disadvantage. Being agile and prepared for change is key. Therefore, by reading other ANDis blogs, it allows us to constantly see what may be new and/or trending within the industry from the eyes of our people, and we can use this within our advertising and social media.

– As our people are so significant to our brand, reading blogs allows us as marketers to know how best to appeal to potential recruits. We can take what we have learnt from ANDis, what content they like to read and how they consume information and apply this to recruitment techniques.

– We can organise and create interesting events. By learning about the industry, we as marketers can create events that our ANDis and like-minded individuals would want to attend. Each month, we host our AND Chat meetups which focus on a variety of subjects, and the topics of these Meetups usually come from ideas and topics discussed in ANDis blogs.


I am fortunate enough to be in a position at AND where I can constantly learn from others and push that through my own work in exciting and creative ways. We are all encouraged to constantly put forward ideas that will, undoubtedly, allow AND to continue to be a workplace where employees can grow and flourish within their careers.

Wonder. Share. Delight.

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