What’s In A Digital Role?

3 October 2016 | Prag Patel | About a 2 minute read
Tags: Analysis, Digital, Digital Delivery, Product Analysts, Product Owners, professional services, Scrum

In the digital context there is a strong focus on teams working together to deliver work rapidly and frequently. There is also a greater expectation of these teams managing and organising themselves around the work they have committed to do. Being clear on what is expected from each team member and what they will own is a key part of the team being able to meet their commitments and work together effectively.


We spend a lot of time helping our clients to drive improvements and effectiveness of their agile delivery teams, and what is frequently missing, misunderstood or misaligned is clarity of “responsibility” and “expectations” of roles. This isn’t just limited to newer roles that have gained more prominence over recent years like the Product Manager or Product Owner.


Through our work with our clients and own internal teams experience and knowledge we have put together a set of role profiles for Digital Product Delivery teams. They represent our view on key responsibilities and ownership, as well as skills required. We have also included a section on key performance indicators, which in our view helps provide a way to understand and potentially assess performance.


We would like to share our knowledge with you in this area through the downloadable set of role profiles found below. We and our clients have found these to be extremely useful resource, we hope you do too. We also welcome your feedback to help us evolve these as roles continue to change.

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