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9 February 2016 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
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As a forward thinking technology company, we are very aware of our responsibility to use technology safely. We have been developing a relationship with Childnet for a year now, as our priority is to protect our most vulnerable users of technology; children.

So, we were naturally delighted when Childnet gave us the opportunity to design a campaign widget for the Safer Internet day, happening today. This widget would be used to help drive engagement and interest in Safer Internet Day. It gave us the chance to use our creative talents for such a great cause.

Gary took on this project and saw it to the end. He was given the freedom to develop something unique (just like the individuals we are) as Childnet are a small charity and have little IT skills in house. Gary worked closely with Hannah Broadbent, the Deputy CEO of Childnet, to develop a widget they were happy with. After a few tweaks, the widget was launched on January 20th for all to use!

At the time of writing, more than 1900 people have voted in the poll within the widget, from places as far away as Kenya, Florida and Singapore, and of course all over the UK.

Gary also went along to the launch of Safer Internet Day 2016, which happened today at the BT Centre near St.Paul’s Cathedral. There he heard from people such as Rishi Saha, UK head of Public Policy at Facebook, Nick Pickles, Public Policy Manger at Twitter and Baroness Shields who is the Minister for Internet Safety and Security about how to protect young children online.


Tamanna Miah speaks at the Safer Internet Day Launch 2016


Check out the widget in action here. To learn more about Safer Internet Day, join the conversation on Social Media with #SID2016 and visit

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