Top 10 Moments From Our ANDbootcamp!

31 March 2017 | About a 4 minute read
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We’ve just finished our 10th AND Digital bootcamp, so I thought it was about time I shouted about my top 10 favourite things about our bootcamp and what makes it so great.

  1. Our CEO always kicks off the week

At every bootcamp our CEO Paramjit is there from the beginning to kick things off and share our ANDvision with all our new recruits. He gets the bootcampers motivated for the week ahead, explaining the ins and outs of what we do and why we do it as well as getting to know our new joiners; making the big boss a little less scary to talk to. It also give Paramjit a chance to mix and mingle with everyone and celebrate how far AND Digital has come in such a short amount of time.

2. Building and championing successful products

One of my favourite memories of ANDbootcamp was when the Glacier squad created Inspect – a product that’s recently celebrated its first year since going live. To date, Inspect has been used by 10 clients, completing over 200 reports by using empirical data. This product showed its worth straight away, as clients instantly started benefiting from its structure and review practice, which has helped them to reflect on their areas of high performance and where they could focus some improvement.

3. Wellbeing activities

Throughout the bootcamp we care about the new joiners’ wellbeing just as much as we care about their learning. During Orion’s bootcamp I encouraged them to take part in ‘laughing yoga’. The participants had to greet each other laughing and show off their own version of the New Zealand Haka – lots of “he he he’s”, “ho ho ho’s” and “ha ha ha’s”! Needless to say the whole experience was hilarious and there were some sore cheeks by the end from all the smiles and giggles!

4. Social activities

To help our squads get to know each other we run a selection of fun social activities throughout the week. During the Sierra bootcamp last year, I had a crazy idea and decided to launch a ‘Robot Wars’ arena in our office. The bootcampers were divided into four teams and asked to build a robot to compete in the arena – although they may not have been facing Sir Killalot or Matilda, they did have to face-off each other, which was just as competitive! The whole experience was so much fun and full of laughs – something I will never forget.  

5. Morning energisers

It’s important to start the day with a ‘get up and go’ attitude. Each morning of the bootcamp we ask everyone to do a ‘plus and delta’ and lesson learnt, from the previous day, and get them up and out of their chairs, away from their laptops, to interact with the people around them. In February’s bootcamp, one of our analysts Shivani got the whole group shaking their tailfeathers with a bollywood dance workshop which went down a treat – it was so nice to celebrate diverse culture and learn something new like this with the AND Digital team.

6. Presentations

Throughout bootcamp we ask the new joiners to present ideas for a number of different areas. One of the best presentations I’ve seen was last July with the Horizon squad, who did a full POC on some potential clients, exceeding all expectations with great visual effects, complementing videos and even a ‘quick win’ summary which we could have easily taken to a client the next day.

7. Teams working together

None of us will never be able to forget how quickly Canyon squad palled up as a team back in 2015. From the first day when they conducted introductions, to completing a treasure hunt, to working on a product in build week, this squad was a well-glued unit from day one. HOA!!!

8. Learning new subjects

When I joined I was lucky enough to take part in the bootcamp sessions with Volcano, learning about myself and those who joined alongside me. By going through this with squad it really helped me to understand what they do client-wise and how to learn tech lingo and vocab, something which really helped me communicate with other ANDi’s as best as I could – I even got to understand all of the acronyms!

9. Support from other ANDis

During Ocean’s bootcamp, I saw the team really learn from each other and share key pieces of knowledge they’d picked up throughout the weeks of training. This mainly took place during their build week but they made sure to meet up regularly and discuss their thoughts and experiences – a trait they’ve continued to practice with other ANDis which is great to see.

10. Developing our people

My number one favourite thing about the bootcamps is seeing the new joiners change and flourish over the 4 week process. Developing people is a big part of AND Digital, and I feel this fun and informative business induction really shows how we like to invest in people right from the very start.

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