Tips To Be Successful In A Candidate Driven Recruitment Market

4 May 2017 | About a 2 minute read
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It’s no secret that the current recruitment market is candidate driven. The competition for highly skilled individuals is greater than the talent pool, meaning every potential match has at least 3 different options to pick from. Consequently, there needs to be great emphasis on getting the candidate attraction piece right.


To achieve success, the candidate must be at the heart of every part of the recruitment strategy. Based on the success we are achieving at AND Digital, below are several techniques we implement to remain competitive:

  • Attraction Videos:  Gone are the days where the job spec would tell the whole story. Job specs don’t always capture the finer details of the role and its responsibilities. Technology means that candidates can perform detailed research into a prospective employer’s culture/values, and decide whether it matches their ambitions.  Hearing from an employee will help reassure the candidate. So, we created “a day in the life” videos to better inform prospective candidates.


  • Meetups:  Hosting or attending meetups is an effective way to promote employer brand. At events like Find a Tech Job, employers are required to pitch to a room of active job seekers. The candidate then makes an informed decision regarding the suitability/attractiveness of the opportunity. In turn, the employer can make a quick assessment of the candidate’s cultural fit. Hosting also means candidates are exposed to the working environment. To date, AND Digital have hired several people from meetups and created a network of people interested the brand.


  • Compensation: Constant market research into the competitiveness of your compensation is integral to remaining attractive to prospective candidates. It also allows the recruiter to make insightful suggestions to the business. Candidates are also concerned about the benefits a company can provide, so just matching their basic salary expectations won’t suffice. At AND Digital, we have flexi-benefits, work from home days, childcare etc., but one of the more innovative benefits we offer is the £500 tech budget. Its purpose is to keep our employees up to date in the ever-changing world of digital.  


  • Social Sourcing: Social sourcing allows employers to engage with a large audience and identify candidates with the right skill set for a role. Recruiters can then build a talent pool and send targeted messages to their connections.


At AND Digital, we are constantly refining the way we recruit by responding to the market and keeping up to date with the latest trends.   

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