Through The Keyhole With AND Digital CEO Paramjit Uppal – 3 Years AND Counting

21 December 2016 | Paramjit Uppal | About a 3 minute read
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We are nearing the end of year three for AND Digital, what do you think has been the company’s greatest achievement over the last three years?

We have achieved so much in our short history that it’s hard to single out any one! A few come to mind:

  • We have transformed the digital capability for UK’s largest hotel, restaurant and coffee business and the results are now that it is achieving increased revenues and with more capable and sizeable internal teams.
  • We built a recognisable company with a clear brand, great people and organised in a way that is very different to any other company
  • We have made a positive impact in the lives of others – across our own people, our client’s people and in the broader community (from girls in school through to the elderly)


What do you think is the secret formula for growing so quickly (0-150 people in 3 years)?

  • Belief AND focus
  • Simple AND scalable internal structure
  • Agile AND enterprise mindset


We have recently been awarded the top grade of  “3 Stars/Extraordinary” by Times 100 Best Companies. What do you think is the key reason why we have been able to keep the same small company feel and still have a great culture?

Above all else, putting our people first and building a structure that feels small and accelerating their career.


What have been the biggest challenges over the last three years that AND Digital as a company has overcome?

Managing our working capital needs at this massive growth, and keeping to our core values. It would have been easy to chase any kind of revenue to keep the cash flowing in and to compromising on our promise to our people not to get them busy on any kind of work anywhere.


What keeps you motivated to continue to grow the company at speed?

What we’re doing to help our clients and keeping our BHAG in our sights!


What have been the differences year on year in how you run and operate the business?

Early on I was doing anything and everything we needed to do – from hiring, new clients, delivering, people, invoicing etc. Now I have the leaders doing their thing and my role has shifted mainly to new clients and supporting the leaders in their areas.


What are you most proud of when it comes to AND Digital?

Seeing the ideas we set out at start-up becoming a reality and proven so many times over! We haven’t had to deviate from our initial design.
If you have any other questions for Paramjit on building a company from scratch, send us a mail to [email protected] and we will put them to him for our next blog!

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