Through The Keyhole #44 – The Win-Win-Win with Referrals!

9 December 2016 | Rachel Harvey | About a 2 minute read
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With goals as ambitious as doubling year-on-year, with a growth of 80 to 150 in 2016 and plans to double again in 2017, we need to get creative in building our teams. But dealing with numbers as large as this, how do you ensure quality with the quantity? We have a number of ways to bring in new recruits, but by far our most successful has been our referral system.

A common place is to have a moan about your job in the pub with friends after a hard week, so when this moan is replaced by excitement and enjoyment of a role within a company, people really sit up and listen. If people are happy at work, others want a piece of the action and to join the party – so referrals is the natural way to make this happen.

In 2016 the referrals for AND Digital acquainted to just over 40% of the total people employed – a notably high figure!

We want to continue to push referrals as our biggest source of new joiners for a number of reasons:

  1. Quality brings quality –  the people we get through referrals are quality people, they are known by our people to be great at their jobs (if professional referrals) or top notch people (if they are personal referrals) so fit in well with our culture and work ethic.
  2. Win- Win-Win! –  It is a triple win for our people, the referred person and the recruitment team as we award a referral bonus for those that submit the referral, the referral gets a new job and we get a top ANDi to join the team! We are also pleased to say that the referral bonus is generous compared to the market, and a number of our people have benefited more than once this year.
  3. Boosting our culture –  We have seen that the referral scheme really helps in our mission to keep a fantastic working culture, where people work AND play hard. Having friends at work makes a difference to how you behave and how much you love your job – we believe happiness breeds happiness, and referrals are supporting this!

We are constantly hiring top people at AND Digital, so please visit our Join Us page to find out the roles available!

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