Through The Keyhole #38 – Innovate Your Recruitment

28 October 2016 | About a 2 minute read
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Innovation is a word that companies want to be associated with but often struggle to practice. From a recruitment perspective, there are some truths (in my opinion) that must be accepted before one can truly claim to be innovative.

No Idea Is Original

For a recruiter this is a bitter pill to swallow. The realisation that most, if not all your creative and innovative concepts for talent acquisition are exactly the same as the next recruiter/organisation. There are so many new ways to hire great talent. It ranges from company branding to social media platforms to candidate specific job boards etc.

These are tried and tested methods for successful recruitment campaigns. The only issue is everyone is using the same or similar methods. So how do you stand out without compromising your company ethos? This leads to my next point.

It’s not what you do but how it’s done!

The talent team at AND Digital has accepted the fact that we are playing the same game as everyone when it comes to recruitment; however, we are constantly looking for new ways to stay one step ahead of the competition. For example;

  • Our end to end (from phone screen to offer) recruitment process (per candidate) takes a maximum of one week depending on the availability of the candidate. We have managed to successfully implement this process because our hiring managers have given the talent team full autonomy over cv/phone screens. This way we know we are trusted to only bring quality candidates in for face to face interviews.


  •  At AND Digital, we recognise that not every candidate will get the role they have interviewed for. As we hate to disappoint, we send every candidate that does a final interview an Amazon/iTunes voucher as a token of appreciation for the time spent. We also invite them for our monthly ANDchat in order to maintain a long term relationship. We’ve actually won work from a client through rejecting a candidate, as we kept in touch and they felt the whole experience was a good one.


  • Recently we ran a coffee and code campaign to broaden our network, and get the brand under the noses of those who are as passionate about digital as we are. We rented a mobile coffee cart, gave it an AND Digital makeover and parked it at carefully chosen locations. The end goal was to boost our recruitment applications, social followers and potential client interest! It has already started bearing fruit.

So to conclude, innovation within recruitment is a key ingredient to remaining competitive in the current market. However, it is important to embrace the already tried and tested methods for talent acquisition. How you tailor these methods to help your company stand out is where innovation comes in.

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