Through The Keyhole #38 – How Star Jumping Boosts Our Productivity

21 October 2016 | About a 3 minute read
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To give you some background on my role at AND Digital – I lead our ANDbootcamps. These bootcamps are the 4 week onboarding programme for our new joiners. These weeks are pretty full on for the participants as they are learning new things every day!

Every morning in the ANDbootcamp I make our ANDis stand up, give me a hip wiggle, do a star jump or just dance around, simply to get them away from the confines of their desk and do something a bit silly. Now I’m going to be completely honest, most mornings I am met with rejection;  groans and moans of “this lady is crazy”, but trust me… there is method behind my madness.

Legend has it that the best time of day to work is the morning, and I’m sure every woman or mens health or fitness mag on the market will have the statistics to back it up. By starting the day in an active way, whether you’re into zumba, ballet, boxercise or just enjoying the stroll to the tube (definitely me) it is statistically proven that the 5 minutes of exercise you start your day significantly correlates with your productivity rate.

Your response could be ‘I’m a developer, I work with my computer screen all day, everything I need to know for this course is already in my brain’, well I’d say this is incorrect! Here are four scientific reasons why getting away from your desk to do something energetic in the morning will help enrich your work day. Even if it is just a wiggle and a star jump prior to jumping on your computer.

  1. Your hormones get you off to a great start

It has been proven that if you work out in the morning, you can increase your testosterone levels. This is good for both men and women as by increasing these hormone levels you should find that you are more confident, driven and are more focused on your personal ambitions. In addition, these hormones will be increasing your metabolic rate… which can’t be a bad thing right?!

  1. Working out in the morning releases endorphins, ‘the happy hormone’

These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain or can even act as sedatives. So you can start your day in a far better mood!

  1. Your brain is ready for action

Studies suggest that not only does pre work exercise encourage you to have energy earlier in the day,  it also improves your performance as it makes your brain switch on faster, ergo making you ready for work earlier!

  1. It will help you sleep

A study found that women who worked out in the morning slept better compared to those who did so in the evening. Exercise helps your body get into a circadian rhythm which soothes the body-clock and helps you sleep better and deeper at night.

So next time you need some energy don’t be discouraged by using it first thing…  why not stand up, jump about and let the endorphins flow. Trust me, your brain will get the the energy buzz you need!

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