Through the keyhole #36- The Truth About AND Digital

30 September 2016 | Samuel Obafemi | About a 3 minute read
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Going through the interview process at AND Digital, I was told many stories and given many examples of what the business is like. I was told it is a fun, flexible and rewarding company. A company that preaches being at the forefront of digital innovation and understands how to best operate in favour of clients and employees alike. Initially I took it as, just another company trying to come across as different but in actual fact was the same as everyone else. Like many starting out their interview process with us, I was sceptical I wasn’t being sold “recruiter talk”. This is because I was so sure the picture I was painted surely was not how it really is. Can a company be so ‘anti-traditional’ and innovative?

What I Have Found

I have now been at AND Digital for 3 months, and the truth is, this company isn’t like any other I’ve experienced or even heard of before. From day one of being in the recruitment team you understand that the DNA of the company is built around doing things differently to what is expected. From the way we search and select candidates, to how we reject or offer candidates, even to how we on-board candidates has totally opened up my eyes to the way it should be done.

At AND Digital we understand the importance of people and understanding that people are different, people have emotions and deserve to be treated as such. We currently practice sending out gift vouchers to candidates who make it to the final stage and are rejected, as a thank you for taking the time out to see us! I would have never thought to do such a thing but it makes so much sense. A candidate on average dedicates at least 2 hours to two interviews, not to mention an hour or so to commute to the interview location, also adding the preparation time at home. That is quality time they have spent earnestly trying to prove their worth to you. AND Digital recognises that and rewards the effort.

Our recruitment process is extremely streamlined and we aim to specialise in one day interviews, doing all stages of the process on one day. Again, we noticed candidates can AND do, spend up to 4 weeks going through a recruitment process with a company. We want to be different and come to a decision as quickly as possible, which benefits the company and the candidate. This also means we aim to have an offer out 24-48 hours after a candidate has successfully interviewed. I have always questioned why companies take a week to get an offer out to a candidate, if you like them…why wait?!

I cannot speak enough about the culture here at AND Digital. Writing or speaking about it is not enough. You have to experience it. You have to come into our office and experience a session of laughing yoga or come down for our weekly Friday Fun at 4:44pm. Seeing is believing and you won’t believe how much fun we have at AND Digital, until you actually see it in action!

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