Through the Keyhole #35 – Building a business room-by-room

22 September 2016 | Kate MacDonald | About a 1 minute read
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It’s fun being part of a rapidly growing business. Building a business is like building a house. It starts with a few rough sketches on the back of an envelope which over time become clear plans. The real excitement starts as the foundations are laid, the business visibly grows brick-by-brick (individual-by-individual), walls (departments) appear and soon a clear structure can be seen and you can stand back with pride and say, “we built that!”.

Soon, however, as the business continues to grow it is time for an extension, a new way to grow revenue and teams. New plans are made, foundations are laid and over time the extension is built brick-by-brick. It’s a great way to grow a business – it’s not just for us.

Here at AND Digital we say, “why build a business brick-by-brick when you can grow it room-by-room?”

With our special club structure, we hire teams of highly skilled individuals together giving us rapid growth and building our business in a high quality, consistent room-by-room basis.

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