Through the keyhole #33 – Don’t compete, but collaborate with other companies!

9 September 2016 | About a 2 minute read
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Ever since our founding year in 2014, I’ve admired how much AND Digital has encouraged the partnering of other companies rather than being secretive, closed or competitive in our approach. This supports the idea that two heads are better than one, and with that we can support each other in our goals for growth, being a remarkable company – and beyond. There is often a view that letting others in can lead to letting out your secrets, exposing yourself to competitors exploiting your ideas or even taking your people. However if you are confident in your organisation, how you treat your people and your business goals, working with other organisations can only do good!

From partnering with Hacker X for a ‘speed dating’ recruitment event, to bringing in companies like Webcredible and LinkedIn to speak at our ANDchat Meet Ups – we are embracing this collaborative approach. It does not only mean we get to meet new people, but we also learn about new approaches and help develop our own thinking.

On top of us lending our space to others, we’ve also teamed up with MOO to host an interactive session at their office. This has given us a load of great ideas for our new office space design and MOO are now our supplier for printing.  So it is a win win!

We also have other events lined up with start up recruitment agencies, talented pre-university individuals and more. The events we have held in partnership have all been integral in helping us broaden our network of digital enthusiasts. They have also led to a ripple effect of getting to know more organisations and individuals whom we could collaborate with.

It’s refreshing to have backing to work with start ups, entrepreneurial individuals and societies who may not have funding, or the space but have bright ideas and an agile mind-set. Also it’s exciting to work with larger companies, have exposure to their networks and learn from them!

If you are interested in hosting an event with us, get in touch with me and tell me your idea!

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