Through the keyhole #31 – The Social Clubs at AND Digital

26 August 2016 | About a 3 minute read
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Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, budding photographer or bookworm – at AND Digital there is guaranteed to be a club for you! Here is a rundown of our clubs that anyone can join:

We run a monthly ANDsnap photography competition which is based on a theme chosen by the winner from the previous month. Recent winners include these:


Theme: All creatures great and small
Winner: Olli Drury


Theme: Adventures
Winner: Claire Baxter

This month’s theme, set by last month’s winner Olli is ‘Sporting Endeavours’ inspired by the Olympics in Rio.

Every second Thursday our musical rockstars regroup in the Club House and have a good couple of hours worth of jamming – all over a few cold beers! With several different instruments from guitar, bass, piano – and even a cajon, the rockers switch instruments throughout the night to experiment! They keep a spreadsheet of covers that they are slowly adding to their repertoire. They are also hoping to venture into performing gigs and writing their own music soon! Our Product Developer AND Bluesman, Igino recently purchased a drum set to reinforce their already talented group of musicians and hope to incorporate more!



Our climbing club began last October after a squad climbing social. It sparked a new interest in many of our ANDis. And since then we have been heading to the climbing walls every Tuesday to do some bouldering. The club has grown and grown ever since and now up to 15 ANDis make their way to the climbing wall every Tuesday.



Our Squad Lead AND Boardgame Geek, Alex runs a board game evening every few months in the Club House where the board game geeks at AND Digital come together to play some cool games (i.e. not Monopoly). Some of our current favorites include Catan, Resistance, and Betrayal at House on the Hill.


Our associates have recently started a code-club, running one evening per week, it’s a fun chance to try out new technologies, share our knowledge with each other and of course, share pizza.
While they get the opportunity to improve their skills in their day to day work, Code Club is a way for them to target the areas they’re particularly interested in learning about or improving in.


Some of our avid bookworms started a book club in March this year. Every month a book is chosen, devoured and discussed, usually over a drink or two! Our ANDi’s focus on a broad range of topics, all with a Digital industry / Product Development focus. Most recently the guys read ‘Think Like a Freak: Secrets of the Rogue Economist’

There are other clubs you can join including ANDfood, ANDbadminton plus many many more – or why not join us and start your own!

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