Through the keyhole #29 – Finding the perfect match, FAST!

12 August 2016 | Rachel Harvey | About a 2 minute read
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There comes a time when it just feels right to move on – from your job that is! Sometimes it’s an immediate realisation, other times it’s more of a journey but either way, you start the process of updating your CV or LinkedIn profile and so the search begins.

Sometimes the search can take just a matter of days depending on what you’re looking for, especially if you’re a Developer. Other times, however, it can take weeks, even months – with painfully slow processes and despite the willingness to hang on, it’s hard not to either lose the will with an unnecessarily bureaucratic recruitment process, however great the opportunity, or, something else comes along!

This is where we think AND Digital is a bit different. We know what we like, what works for us and we like what we know. So, in recruitment when we meet the perfect match, we do everything we can to make the process as fun and enjoyable as possible (see our ‘red carpet’ blog) but we also work creatively AND without constraint to make the process as efficient as possible!

For instance – if you need to take a whole morning or afternoon off work to come in and meet us, we’ll ensure we get the whole process of a culture fit and technical interview ticked off in just a few hours so there’s no further need to make those awkward excuses at work or use up any more of your annual leave!

We ask our Developer candidates to complete a coding exercise which requires at least 2 hours of attention, but – we understand time is a luxury! So, we look at ways we can help – would it be easier for you to come into our offices for a few hours to complete it in a fun, energetic but focussed environment? That way you get an insight into what it’ll be like to be an ANDi too! Or, maybe we can adapt our process so that part of your technical interview is spent paired programming with one of senior Devs so we can still have a glimpse of the amazing tech skills you could bring to our Clubs without needing the completed exercise? We’re open to suggestions AND we’re here to make it work for our candidates! No unnecessary process, tick boxing or formalities.

By doing this, we can ensure that if we find the perfect match, they know it within 24 hours of meeting us. This allows us to remain competitive and show we care about finding the right people in the right way for them!

So, if this sounds like a refreshing change AND you know you’re ready to find a new professional home, then visit our recruitment page and let’s see how fast we can get the ball rolling!

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