Through the Keyhole #27 – Using our internal capability to build our website

29 July 2016 | About a 4 minute read
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For every digitally focused company the website is such a crucial tool. It’s extremely important to get this right, as your website is often the first place a potential recruit or client may reject you or be inspired to learn more.

Since AND Digital started in 2014, our website has been continuously improving with new content, new styles and improved layouts. As an Agile company our mission to ‘finish’ the website will not ever be complete, as we make continuous iterations to ensure it is the most effective it can be for our customers. The last thing we want is to have an old website with stale content, and pages that no one visits! Having this ideology for a website can be very expensive, time consuming and not ideal for many… that is unless you have an internal digital capability that want to learn!


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 15.00.18

The first site – it’s changed a bit since then!


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.51.57

And now…still a work in progress!


My day job is to Lead AND Digital’s Marketing function and part of that responsibility is being the Product Owner for our AND Digital website and Blog. So, one of the benefits of working in a company full of talented Product Developers and Product Analysts is that you need to look no further than the seat next to you to enlist support in making continuous development to our website. The decision was made early on to have our own people work on our digital products when they are available between clients. This is obviously a huge benefit to me as I am able to work alongside them and be fully involved in the process, but most importantly there are many benefits to our ANDis at AND Digital:

1.Learn on the job – The AND Digital website has become the perfect learning ground for our associate (graduate) and more experienced Product Analysts and Product Developers to work on a real life digital product, and see the benefits of their improvements.

2.Mock client experience – We work within the Agile framework when working on our internal projects (including the website) and we ensure that our Agile coaches and Scrum Masters are keeping a close eye on how we run our refinement sessions, daily scrums and more. This is the perfect place to practice what we preach!

3.Get experimental – The website (and our other internal products) is the place where the team can test out new ideas and things they have seen in blogs, online and action else where. The site gives people the chance to be creative with designs and try out new ideas. We recently revamped our 404 page, which shows off a touch of our personalityScreen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.29.00


4.Owned by our ANDis – Our people not only work on the site within sprints, but there are many who support in the long term via using analytics tools, Github, Jenkins, support in the production releases and attend to urgent changes. Our experts in UX also make sure we are undergoing regular reviews. This is because there is a real ownership of our people on the site, so there are a lot of people involved. Due to this we are gaining a number of website SMEs around the business, plus we get many people turning up to our sprint reviews as they all have an active interest and ownership in the site.

5.Best use of time – Finally, it means we are also using our people’s time in the best way when they are in the office between client site – so they can be continuously learning and honing their skills to bring more to our clients!


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