Through the Keyhole #25: Keep Learning and Keep Growing

8 July 2016 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
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We have based our wellness programme around the 5 ways of wellbeing – connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give. A key one for us is ‘Keep Learning’ as it shows the benefits of trying something new, and how you can really begin to enjoy different challenges you come across in life. We’ve hosted a number of different workshops to keep learning something new!

Our Sleep Workshop gave our people some top tips on how to keep performing at their best. In this highly interactive workshop we learnt that sleep isn’t a luxury, but more a necessity to ensure that we thrive both in our personal and professional lives. An important issue for us was how to switch off from our technology that we spend most of our day using. We are learning that a good night’s sleep improves our mental wellbeing making for a productive and pleasant day the next morning.

In our next workshop, we faced the harsh reality of being time poor but wanting to eat well. No one wants to rely on convenience food so we held a Food Demonstration Workshop. We are a creative bunch and we felt inspired by how quick and easy it can be to prepare that evening meal – it’s one thing reading about speedy 30 minute meals online or in books, but actually putting it into action really brings it to life!  Ceri shared her expertise about foods and meals that we may perceive to be healthy, but might not actually be good for our bodies at all. She left us with a handful of recipes and a lot of excitement to enjoy the 30 minutes it takes to prepare a healthy evening meal.  

In another of our workshops, we took time to think about the reality and changing demands of being part of a fast paced business. Our business has grown at a phenomenal rate and this may sometimes lead our people to feel under pressure. We held a ‘Stop Stressing and Start Living’ Workshop to share expert ways of coping with pressure and stress. We were given some hard hitting facts about what stress can do to our bodies so that we can all try to make a conscious effort not to fall into the traps. It’s not an easy subject to talk about so we constantly create new and exciting ways to connect. This keeps our people engaged and having fun so no one feels isolated.
Our people have really enjoyed these workshops, but here at AND Digital we always strive to do better. Our next workshop will be a Design Your Own Workshop so we really get to the heart of what our people need. We have asked everyone to be imaginative with their suggestions and we are all certainly looking forward to whatever we end up exploring next!

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