Through the Keyhole #24: Stepping up to the challenge

1 July 2016 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
Tags: fitbit, Through the Keyhole, wellness

With everything that goes on in our AND Digital world, it’s no surprise we have little time to think about keeping fit. This is an issue we wanted to address so we bought ten Fitbits and set up a Fitbit challenge. It was easy to set up as you don’t need a big budget; just willing people who rise to the challenge. As this fun stuff works well with our office culture, that was easy too!

Every month, we select nine people at random to take the challenge. Our people are given an Andi Fitbit and encouraged to think about moving more. Whether you’re in the challenge or not, our people enjoy keeping up to date on our Slack channel dedicated to the challenge. We’re not naturally competitive with each other but we love keeping an eye on the leader board. On slack we motivate and support our fellow competitors by posting inspiring ways to keep fit. We share our challenge results and declare an overall monthly winner.

In the last four months, 32 people participated in the ‘Workweek hustle’ – where the challenge was on to see who could make the most steps between Monday to Friday for a month. Our current champion is Mehdi with an impressive 144,000 steps a week. He may be our reigning champion but we are all winners by keeping active.

Yet another way we work hard and play hard!

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