Through the Keyhole #23: Knot your usual office

24 June 2016 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
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At AND Digital our people work hard and play hard! So at times they need to take out some time to focus on their mental and physical wellbeing. Our Wellness scheme was created to ensure that our ANDis look after themselves inside and out so they can continue to deliver fantastic work.

To help with this, we have regular massage sessions both in our head office and at our client sites. The benefits are well researched; showing having a massage helps to improve physical and mental resilience. Apart from the feel good factor for our people, it helps alleviate any aches and pains they may feel whilst sat at their desks. It comes as no surprise then that this is the number one offering our people enjoy most from our wellness programme.

So every month, our people AND our clients book in for a 15 minute massage. As our people and clients work so closely together, it only seems natural that they join us. We have found that these precious 15 minutes give our people time to lose themselves in an immediate sense of relaxation. The therapist will start by asking if there are areas that are causing tension, stress or pain so it’s a real personal experience. By the time they leave the “therapy room” they feel refreshed and energised.

We have found this benefits our people in more ways than we realised. Feedback from our people has shown that we are showing we truly value our people. And with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from this upgrade to our working environment.

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