Through the Keyhole #021 -How we were inspired to set up an AND Digital wellness scheme

10 June 2016 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
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At AND Digital we are serious about our responsibility to ensure our people are mentally and physically at their best. After all happy people who are feeling great, are the best people to work with!

So we looked at the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ as developed by NEF, which has built five key wellness factors due to extensive research. These are Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. For connect, its around investing time and energy in those around you. ‘Be Active’ focuses on how finding an exercise that suits you can make you feel incredible. Thirdly, ‘Take Notice’ centres around feeling in the moment and appreciating the world and people around you. A key one for us is ‘Keep Learning’ as it shows the benefits of trying something new, and how you can really enjoy the new challenges you come across. Lastly, ‘Give’ is shown to boost your wellness by gaining a rewarding feeling of helping others and seeing the impact you can have on them with your time or energy. Feeling inspired by these we introduced a Wellness programme to our people at AND Digital to cover those areas and more.

For the programme we crafted an annual calendar of activities for our people to participate in during working hours to boost and promote their wellbeing. And in true AND Digital spirit, we invited our clients to join in too.

Look out for our following ‘Through the keyhole’ blog posts to uncover our activities within the programme.

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