Through The Keyhole #019 – AND Digital: The client match-maker

27 May 2016 | Sarah Butlin | About a 2 minute read
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Forget what you know about sales – the sharp suits, smooth words and acronym overload. Instead picture a match-making service like no other. Relaxed, warm, down to earth, passionate about your best interests and ultimately full of positive intent to find you the right partner… Now you’re picturing how AND Digital find new clients.

At AND Digital we focus on building relationships; surely it’s a no brainer to act in the best interests of your client? We only find new clients through our relationships. So how do we find our match?

There are three things that we look for:

1. Firstly, we look at core values.  At the heart of us all are our personal core values, and we feel just as passionately about our own company values, which we live and breathe. We think the best matches come when values align.

2. Secondly, we don’t just look at what our potential client’s current need is, but at what their long term aspirations and plans are. There are many options for our clients; with organisations that provide quick fix solutions, one-off programmes of work or solution package builds. But our model is unique. We want to not only help our clients deliver we also want to truly build their internal capability. So we want to ensure that we’re the right option for our client as well as ensuring they’re the right client for us.

3. Thirdly, we look at what our ANDi’s want and what they think makes a good client. We find this out by asking them – at dinners, at forums and taking regular pulse checks. And you might be surprised to know it’s not the industry, the funky brand or the cool office space they always look for… for them, it’s the interesting work; that they can see how they make a difference. By understanding what makes our people tick, and winning that work it creates self-fulfilling cycle of delight across our clients and our people.


In other professional services you can experience the sales targets becoming more of a focus than necessarily what is sold, whether it’s interesting, or fundamentally whether it’s the right option for the client in the long term. What these firms fail to realise is that a quick buck won’t make for a long term partnership with a client.

Relationships take work – time, effort and investment. We believe the most important thing is to invest into the right relationships – for our clients sake, our growth and ultimately for our people.

That’s what makes a perfect match.


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