Through The Keyhole #018: 5 reasons why feedback is so important within organisations

13 May 2016 | About a 3 minute read
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Since joining AND Digital, I have learnt not to fear someone saying ‘please can I give you some feedback?’. Now I actually look forward to hearing what they have to say! I see feedback as an opportunity to improve or continue what I have been doing, with the added motivation that I have been doing a good job.

At AND Digital, we are building the oh so important feedback culture that all companies need to develop – and we’ve found that part of that is ensuring people don’t see feedback as something they should hide from. And also to ensure that feedback can be both constructive AND positive. We run workshops on feedback best practice and make it part of everyone’s daily lives at work.

Here are 5 reasons why plentiful feedback within an organisation is so important

  1. Feedback is simply acting on effective listening

By listening to people’s opinions and acting on what they have said, it helps us improve how we do business. Once a month at AND Digital we host an in-house open forum, to listen to our teams and gather their feedback to understand how we can make the small changes that make a difference to how we do business.

  1. Feedback can improve performance:

By asking for opinions we can make our ANDis feel important, valued and appreciated. This motivates individuals to speak up and help shape important business decisions in the future. We also send out a Pulse check (Pulse is an app survey tool built at one of our ANDbootcamps) once a month to gauge the happiness of everyone at AND Digital, and gather feedback on what is working well or what we need to do differently.

  1. Feedback can help to build effective working relationships

By giving and receiving feedback, our teams, people and clients build a more cohesive working environment, where ideas can be shared more easily and implemented quicker. At AND Digital we ask all clients to fill out a Net Promoter Score on all our teams, which means we can keep communication open and manage our client’s working experience and act on their feedback.

  1. Feedback is a tool for continued learning

Our Head Coaches spend a lot of time with our people, teams and clients to give them on point feedback, in the moment. It’s really important that feedback is timely so that people can continue to improve and learn to do things differently. Our Squad Leads have regular catch-ups with their squad members to provide them feedback; we ask our squads to complete 360 feedback on their team members, and provide every person who joins AND Digital feedback from their time at ANDbootcamp, so they know what to work on going forwards.

  1. Feedback can increase the ‘feel good’ factor

There is no such thing as negative feedback, we like to view feedback as constructive or as positive reinforcement. Either redirecting behaviour, or reinforcing what was done well so people can repeat it again.


There are so many ways that both you and your teams can benefit from feedback, if done correctly. For more information on this I would suggest you read ‘Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well’ by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen. This really helps you to get to grips with the concept of giving and receiving feedback. Now that you have read these five reasons why feedback is important – who can you give feedback to today?


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