Through the keyhole 016: How to step up learning by blending coaching, training, and doing

22 April 2016 | Stuart Munton | About a 3 minute read
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For us, learning is paramount, it is the crux of what we do. On top of our dedicated offering -The Academy, we have our ‘Agile and Technology Coaching team’. But what’s in a name? The team do a lot more than just coaching, and it is what this team do that is really enabling us to continue to step up learning at AND Digital.

Our Coaches are subject matter experts with experience in multiple industries, they are goal-centric, they are teachers AND they support teams to get products over the line.

Our Coaching Team spends their time working between both our internal and client teams. They aim to support these teams deliver innovative and engaging products again and again. Their mission is to strive for great product development – “Building the right product” and great delivery – “Building the product right”.

The coaching team work across three core areas: Coaching, Training, and Doing

Coaching – The members in this team spends time with Agile teams, Agile leadership teams, and senior management teams, working to help them improve and meet their goals. By being empirically based, progress can be tracked and improvements observed with the use of goal centric metrics.

Training – This team spends time researching and building the content for interactive learning workshops. They deliver these workshops in small (~6 people) to large (~40 people) sessions. The content covers a wide range of Agile and technology delivery practices and techniques.

Doing – This team spends time working with-in Agile teams (either Scrum Master, Product Owner, or other) to help the team deliver great products. Having hands-on experience is critical to ‘keep it real’ and ensure that the team remain grounded in their areas of expertise.




While each of these three core areas is important, for us it’s the combination and cross-learning that comes from individual coaches blending across these areas that gives the greatest benefits to our teams and clients at AND Digital. A few of the benefits of these blends are:-

Training to Coaching Blend –
After training people the coaching experience is much closer and tighter as they have a common context from the training session. For example, with one client we were able to move directly from training into delivery supported by coaching due to the same member of the coaching team completing both aspects.

Doing to Coaching Blend – The team are able to take the real work experience from doing into their coaching to provide a much stronger goals to the coaching experience. For example, we have been able to take learning from one team at a client where the coaching team members were embedded in the team and then apply them to other teams at the same client through our coaching actions.

Doing to Training Blend – Lessons learnt from doing lead directly to improvements in the training content, with then supports the learning for future training sessions. For example, we have seen technology trends with-in client teams that have lead to us updating our coding dojo (tech training practices) to include additional languages.

There are many more interesting combinations and advantages to the cross area working, so to find out more please contact AND Digital to talk about your potential coaching needs.

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