Through The Keyhole #012: How we make our employees first week unforgettable

24 March 2016 | Rachel Harvey | About a 2 minute read
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We’ve all been there, stepping in to the office day one of a new job. Even us Recruiters start new jobs, in fact that was me just 6 weeks ago –  and it can be really daunting!

At AND Digital, however, it felt different. From genuinely warm welcomes, to a big team lunch on the first day – I was made to feel part of the family from the get go. As a Recruiter, what I find even more refreshing is the on boarding approach that AND Digital takes with the new Squads (made up of Product Developers, Product Analysts and Squad Leads). From Day one, week one of the ANDbootcamp there are activities to get everyone talking – and most importantly, laughing! And let’s not forget our new joiners have all met before at the welcome drinks a few weeks before their start date!



From food and drinks to celebrate the end of their first week at a cool, London rooftop location to our very own Robo Challenge (bring back the memories of that well known TV show!) being set up in the office mid-way through week two – I have rarely seen so many organised socials in the first few weeks of new joiner on-boarding.



What strikes me is the innovative, personable AND fun approach that is taken to bringing on a new team of people AND getting them immersed in our professional but fun culture.

Forget death by PowerPoint during the intros from day one – instead there are workshop activities which all inherit the AND Digital culture of learning by empowerment, interaction and continuous feedback.

I’ve been part of and observed many on boarding processes in my career and I have to say, I’ve never seen anything like the AND Digital approach. Which begs the question, why?

If more organisations took a moment to think about how to make the on boarding and new joiner processes more relaxed AND fun but still informative and valuable, I think we’d have a much happier workforce and increased engagement of new joiners in the business.

Fancy going through our on boarding experience? We are hiring! Visit our website to find out how to apply: https://AND


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