Through the keyhole #011: How we are closing the gap between internal and client facing teams at AND Digital

18 March 2016 | Lisa Stubbs | About a 2 minute read
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We love to practice what we preach at AND Digital. That isn’t just for our squads who are delivering work at our clients, but also for our internal team or ‘The Collective’ as we like to be called. We’re encouraged to throw ourselves into the way our squads work. It’s so important that our internal teams understand what our people do, to help us in key areas such as recruitment, HR, upskilling etc.

A few months ago, our internal Academy team decided to test out using Scrum for our team. Usually Scrum is used in software development, but there were some key principles that we thought we could transfer to the way we worked – and well, we’ve definitely seen some positives! We swapped our weekly meetings and ‘to-do’ lists for a Scrum board in Jira and with the help of our Delivery Head Coach, we created a physical Scrum Board in the office. Our aim is to move away from having weekly ’status’ meetings and instead, have a daily scrum where we talk through what we did yesterday, what we’re doing on that day and any blockers we have. We’ve found this transparency helps to make decision making fast, helps the team to call upon others if they need help with something and gives us data to show the amount of work we’re getting through.

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We’ve also started running a ‘Coding 101’ workshop for our internal teams, run by our developers – it gives them a real appreciation of what our people do on a daily basis and how difficult it is! We cover HTML, CSS and Javascript and get them to practise building their own website.
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On top of these, we find that it’s great talking to our Product Analysts and Developers about what we’re doing on a day to day basis – this really help us to connect to our people, get them engaged with our initiatives and ensure our functions are supporting them in the best possible way!



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