Through the keyhole #010 – ANDbootcamp: making your on-boarding programme remarkable!

11 March 2016 | About a 3 minute read
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Learning is at the heart of AND Digital and we believe it is important to invest in each of our people, or ANDis as we call them! We have put together an on-boarding programme that we call ‘ANDbootcamp’. It’s not how it sounds – we don’t make anyone run through mud, do drills or push-ups in the rain. No, it’s a three to five week on-boarding programme in which new ANDis, together with the rest of their squad, get to know each other and all the Agile ways of working at AND Digital, before hitting client site. It’s about making sure we take the right amount of theory, team building and practical sessions to really enable our ANDis to embrace both the AND Digital culture and company values of ‘wonder’, ‘share’ and ‘delight’ – PLUS get some key practice in to building a real product together with their new squad.

Preparation Station

ANDbootcamp is uniquely designed and tailored to ensure our ANDis keep up with the latest digital, tech, delivery and professional skills. We work with the best internal and external trainers to help the squad keep ahead of the game. Our aim is that when our ANDis complete their ANDbootcamp their knowledge has been boosted, they have a set of useful new skills and that they feel empowered to share these with our clients to ensure they deliver brilliant digital products with our clients.


A big part of the ANDbootcamp is about building cohesive teams. From day one we take the new ANDis out of their comfort zone and ask them to learn something new about one another, then we continue to put them in situations to get to know one another even more. The activities we do with the squads happen both inside and outside the ‘classroom’ and range from evening drinks, speed-meeting, chocolate making, London treasure hunts and building a rat-trap (no animals are harmed during ANDBootcamp). By doing this we give our teams a chance to get to know the other members of their squad who they will be working closely with in the future, and help build trusting relationships that last.

Product creation:

During our ANDbootcamps we set the squad on a mission to build a new digital product. Previously squads have created some amazing products that we currently use in-house. Our first two ANDbootcamps created our internal documents sharing tool that was built in confluence, called ANDgenie. ANDgenie keeps the whole businesses up to date on the latest internal information and documents for online viewing and download. Our Third ANDbootcamp created Boost, an online flip card revision tool for all our interactive workshops. With our forth ANDbootcamp, the ANDi’s built Pulse – an app used to gauge the happiness of everyone at AND Digital. And lastly, at the most recent ANDbootcamp we saw the creation of Inspect – an agile tool that keeps track of Scrum team progress and to assist the Scrum Masters on client sites. This Monday we kicked off our sixth ANDbootcamp and are really looking forward to what exciting product the squad will develop.

The ANDbootcamp experience is about feeling part of a small team and working towards the AND Digital common goal, delighting our clients and building great digital products. The feedback shows that one of the best things about ANDBootcamp is that ANDis go through it in a group with other new joiners to form the next AND Digital squad. The group, usually between 12 to 15 people enable ANDis to feel part of something special from the start. They are encouraged to help one another along the way and, of course, there are no silly questions. ANDbootcamp puts you through the paces and has been described by participants as intense but fun.

So if you’re up for the challenge, we’re hiring!


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