Through the keyhole #007- The importance of gender equality at AND Digital

19 February 2016 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
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Currently only 17% of people working in tech are women. We want to change this.

We strongly believe that a diverse talent base is not only beneficial for our business and our clients, but it also just makes sense. At AND Digital, 35% of our people are female, twice the industry average. How have we achieved this? It starts from the top.

More than half our leadership team are women. We currently have a proud 55% of women in a leadership role. We feel this gives a very strong message down the line that women are valued both in AND Digital and the industry. For a business that’s barely two years old, we feel it makes a remarkable statement about our values.

The way we hire and look after our people also helps. It’s like a little family where everyone respects each other for their skills and their unique personal situation. Everyone is given equal opportunities for promotion and progression.

Our approach to people is flexible and suited to women in all stages in their career. This includes flexibility when it comes to part-time working and childcare provision.

Our clubs are based in a fixed geography, limiting the need to work out of a suitcase at a remote client site. We want all our people to get home at night

We are also helping to tackle the overall skills shortage of females within tech by getting involved in the government’s STEM project. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and exists to inspire future generations to think about careers in these areas. We inspire young girls to take up careers in tech- spreading the AND Digital ethos of equal gender opportunities.

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