Through The Keyhole #006: Reviewing your performance – it’s all about you!

12 February 2016 | Prag Patel | About a 2 minute read
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Reviewing someone’s performance should be about providing meaningful feedback as well as an assessment of how the person is performing. The other key element is dedicating the right amount of time to this essential activity. However, most importantly the review is all about you as an individual and supporting your growth within the organisation.

At AND Digital we’ve recently reviewed how we undertake this process and what we need to do to improve what we already have. Given that we’re just starting out on our third year shows that our commitment to continuous improvement is not just lip service.

Importantly we are keen to make our performance review process focused about the individual, so below are some of the ways we are doing so at AND Digital:

  • A focus on giving qualitative feedback, highlighting both strengths and development areas against defined competencies
  • A well defined competency model which provides a good level of guidance of both technical and professional skills
  • Twice annual performance reviews where there is dedicated time to discuss each person
  • Stages within each level providing an indicator on how each person is developing within their current level, there is also a salary uplift applied to moving to the next development stage
  • Promotion reviews happening four times a year, allowing people to wait until they are ready for promotion rather than fitting into an annual/bi-annual cycle
  • There being no quotas for the number of promotions or ratings given in performance reviews. Meaning everyone is evaluated and rated fairly on their performance

These are just some of aspects of the performance management approach that we will be applying this year. We plan to continue to improve what we have, learning from how the process works and refining it further. We are continuing to hire ambitious people that want to develop their skills, experience and careers with us. AND this is one of the key contributors in helping make this happen.

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