Through the Keyhole #005: How to get ahead in the talent race

5 February 2016 | Stephen Paterson | About a 2 minute read
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At AND Digital we like to keep our recruitment and hiring bar really high– measured by both cultural fit and digital expertise – not an easy undertaking considering our ambition to build a 500 people business within the next 3 years! In 2016 alone we will be adding another 70+ ANDi’s to our business, across our core digital delivery roles covering Digital Tech Leads, UX, Product Managers, Product Owners, Web Developers, Back-end Developers, Mobile App Developers, Scrum Masters and DevOps specialists.

Our clients tell us we are great to work with and our people make AND Digital a great place to work, however this alone is not enough to win the race for talent – so what do we do?

Here are 7 of the ways in which AND Digital do recruitment to help us get ahead in the race for talent:

  1. We recruit mostly through social channels – using all of the usual channels, plus one or two others…
  2. We apply ‘brilliant basics’ to every part of the recruitment process – for us, it is all about the candidate experience!
  3. We focus on what we can offer our people, not just what they bring to us!
  4. We act fast and keep the process simple – we know who we think will be great at AND Digital and those that may not!
  5. We weight cultural fit and digital expertise evenly – our people are great at what they do and great at how they do it!
  6. We make a big deal of our referral process – more than just money rewards for our ANDi’s!
  7. We realise it’s a competition – all’s fair in the love and war for digital talent!

So, we do lots of things to get our recruitment at AND Digital right. We take care of our own recruitment and do not use agencies or headhunters for senior roles. We believe (and our people tell us), this makes for a far more authentic candidate experience and a place where high quality talent want to come and work!


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