Through the Keyhole #004: The Company Bonus – How do you do yours?

29 January 2016 | Debbie Martin | About a 2 minute read
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All too often team-based bonuses are driven by sales or revenue or other success factors that are largely in the hands of the Leaders in the business. In practice these measures can feel very far removed from 70% of the people on the ground. We don’t like this.  Why should ‘Those That Do’ have their bonus decided by something they can’t control?

Another structure might be individual performance bonuses. This can encourage peer-to-peer competition or infighting to hit personal targets.  We don’t like this either.  Bonuses should enhance the company’s culture and desired behaviour, not detract from it.

So how have we overcome these limitations at AND Digital?

  1. Incentivise: We started by identifying the key activities, relevant to everyone, that we believe will make us successful as an organisation. These are the activities we want our bonus to incentivise and reward.
  1. Structure: Next we thought about how the structure of the bonus can influence the behaviours we want to see at AND Digital. Teaming is a big deal for us, so our Bonus is earned as a team and everyone in the team is eligible for the same amount.
  1. Play: Lastly we thought about the mechanism that would inspire our millennial workforce. As a generation of gamers we have gamified our bonus with quarterly missions that everyone contributes to and points that mean cash prizes! The kind of missions we set are things like upskilling your squad, building a following with a thought piece or delighting your clients.


This may sound unorthodox – but that’s just the way we like it!



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