Through the Keyhole #002 – Giving teams their own space to work how they like

18 January 2016 | Nick Russell | About a 2 minute read
Tags: Agile, Club, Engine room, Through the Keyhole

Last week we launched the first of our micro blog series; ‘Through the Keyhole’. In this weekly series, we’ll be sharing things we’re doing at AND Digital that might be a little out of the ordinary or not what you would expect from a fast growing professional services company. This week we look at how we think the Club having its own working space helps us to lead the most productive agile working and achieve the highest levels of job satisfaction.

Our Covent Garden offices are divided into two; the Club House and the Engine Room. The Club House is dedicated to our (you guessed it) Club, whose members self-organise to decide where each of the squads sit and how they use the space (see our previous keyhole post, explaining our unique organisation structure). Each squad tend to each take over a bank of desks, whilst using the surrounding breakout zones for daily stand ups. The open space in the centre of the Club House works well for hosting Club-wide updates and external events, such as our ANDchat meetups. Our Club Lounge is used by ANDis at lunch to catch up with friends and share what they’re working on. To aid Agile working, we have a fleet of mobile whiteboards that squads can use as Agile boards, and desks for stand up working. On top of this ANDis have decided to decorate the office with photos, posters, paintings and even a plastic moose head on the big red fridge, used to crack open the beers on a Friday afternoon (thanks to Mike for donating this one!). The space has really become our own, however I’m still searching for our office pet. Nothing spotted yet but have seen the idea sitting within our internal backlog!

Meanwhile down the corridor is our Engine Room, dedicated for our supporting functions within The Collective. This is a creative space where the teams can work together across functions. Having space devoted to our teams enables allows each area of the business to really personalise their working environment and match this to the projects they are engaged with. In true Agile nature, the rooms become “living rooms” that adapt to reflect our AND Digital goals.

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