Through the Keyhole #001 – How we grow fast but keep our small company feel

8 January 2016 | About a 2 minute read
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For the new year we’re excited to launch our micro blog series ‘Through the Keyhole’. In this weekly series, we’ll be sharing things we did at AND Digital that might be a little out of the ordinary or not what you would expect from a fast growing professional services company. This week we look at how we’ve tackled the time old challenge of growing big without dropping the personal feel.

We know that fast growing businesses can fall apart at the seams if they don’t keep that small company feel for their people. We have taken a pioneering approach started by companies like Spotify (then given it an AND Digital tweak) to produce an organisational structure that aims to solve just that. We have established a whole way of operating for our people so that no single unit will is bigger than 80 people. We call this a Club, and then further subdivided into Squads of 10-12 people, each having a cross section of skills and experiences. A fun fact is that our first Club have their own Club House, and the Squads in the Club have adopted geographic identities naming themselves Jungle, Ocean, Volcano, Canyon and most recently Glacier. Each Squad is hired together, go through bootcamp together and stay together across client work, socialising and developing their expertise and careers. The Clubs are supported by common business functions who provide all the coaching, learning & development and client acquisition that is necessary to scale the business.  Having these Clubs and Squads means everyone belongs to a tight-knit small group, no matter how fast we grow.



The Glacier squad kicking off their bootcamp!


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