The Power of ‘AND’

2 February 2018 | About a 4 minute read
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AND welcome

The word ‘and’ has endless possibilities. Not just here at AND Digital, but the world over. For years, the word ‘or’ was favoured in the advertising industry, with ‘and’ practically being hated. ‘Or’ is a comfortable word, a safe word, it allows those that use it to make a choice – but that’s not necessarily a good thing. ‘Or’ provides a limit, a choice of two options, this ‘or’ that. But with ‘and’ you can truly have as many choices as you so wish – this ‘and’ that and a little bit extra. With ‘and’ you do not have to compromise, and that is something that we so strongly incorporate into our culture here at AND Digital.


AND what does it do?

‘And’ is a powerful word in its utmost. Not only can it solve contradictions, but it can also link things together. The power of ‘and’ allows us as a company to provide multiple options (eg. we can give you option one AND option two, not either/or) and pursue several approaches to challenges that arise; we can give the freedom of both choices. As a company, the word ‘and’ allows us to provide a client with our three core values – wonder, share and delight. We make sure to hit these values every time, not only with clients, but in our day jobs too. ‘And’ allows us to provide everything we can and more;

  1. Tech and Human: Combining current technology with people skills to build remarkable digital products and teams
  2. Enterprise and Agile: Meeting the needs of an established enterprise and the agility and nimbleness of tech start-up
  3. Teach and Do: Showing the way and sharing know-how and building great products/services in the process


And how do we use it?

Of course, ‘and’ is not just a word for us here at AND Digital – it is our brand. Our CEO Paramjit Uppal and our early founders were firm in their decision of naming the company AND Digital (previously ANDigital) and you can read Paramjit’s blog on the decision here. Earlier this year we decided to pull out the importance of the AND even more by separating the AND and the Digital – emphasising the importance of both words.


We embrace the word ‘and’ into everything we do, which is why we thought it so important to give our people ‘AND titles’ – an extra title that relates to an interest or hobby of the ANDi (eg. mine is, Marketing Coordinator AND Budding Graphics Artist). The extra title increases engagement and personality, and can also be a fantastic ice breaker when meeting new people and clients. These titles prove that we can of course, provide the technology and the skill set relating to our job titles, but in addition, an amazing personality to go with it. You can find all of our people and their AND titles here.


And of course, our brand is a major part of what makes AND Digital (obviously, I’m biased, I do work in Marketing after all). We recently underwent a rebrand from ‘ANDigital’ to ‘AND Digital’, opening us up to countless opportunities when designing artwork or merchandise. We can choose from a world of connectives to apply to our branded items – such as; ‘Milk AND Sugar’ and ‘Coffee AND Code’ on our mugs for example, and even ‘You AND Us – We make the perfect pair’ onto our branded socks, which have also played a major part within recruitment.


‘And’ allows us to give our all – AND a little bit extra. We go beyond the norm and provide more. Tech, people, personality, knowledge, teaching, support, development, remarkability – oh, AND Digital. The possibilities are endless.


And another thing…….

We are always on the lookout for remarkable people to join our remarkable team. Want to join an award winning company AND have fun at the same time? Join us:

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