Tech Tuesday: The forthcoming ubiquity of USB-C

17 January 2017 | Louis Bougeard | About a 2 minute read
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There was a lot of controversy when it was first announced that Apple were ditching all ports on their new MacBook Pro, in favour of USB-C ports. I myself thought, as a knee jerk reaction, that it was a purely profit driven move, to force the sale of more adapters. Now that the dust has settled, I’ve changed my mind.

Compared to the proprietary lightning cable, or Mac MagSafe cable, Apple have, in a somewhat unpredicted move for them, adopted an open standard for all the ports on their new machines. “But I still have to buy loads of adapters”, I hear you cry. And whilst this may be true, you are no longer forced into buying their adapters. The beauty of it being an open standard is that there will now be thousands of cheap alternatives that can be used, without worry.

Furthermore, I have a OnePlus 2 phone. This also uses USB-C. Suddenly the same set of chargers for my phone, will also work for my laptop, as well as being able to output HDMI from my phone, an adapter that previously, I wouldn’t have purchased.

What about mag safe though, that was brilliant wasn’t it? It was, is, and still can be. Griffin have made what they call “BreakSafe”, a USB-C magnetic charger, so now this means that you can also use it for your phone or any other USB-C device.


But this is just the start, the array of docking hubs, supporting charging, 4k video, and even battery packs is becoming so vast that, you really will be spoilt for choice. Yes they are extra things to carry, but you do that anyway with your other peripherals. Your laptop charger, your phone charger maybe an iPad charger too. Reusability is the name of the game, one cable to rule them all.

So many devices now support USB-C that I for one applaud Apple for their step forward in joining this movement and aligning themselves with other manufacturers.

Maybe, just maybe, one day we will live in a world where we have one, completely ubiquitous cable that will work for every gadget we own.  

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