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8 November 2016 | James Woodgate | About a 7 minute read
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A couple of months into our careers at AND Digital, Horizon Squad (our first squad from club Dekker) were discussing their favourite user experiences across the web and mobile (other than our AND Digital platforms of course!). They range from persisted baskets when online shopping to browsing our dream cars and knowing that we’ll be getting our pizza’s as quickly as possible.

In the digital world, sometimes we think that user experience is just about the visual design elements, but hopefully in the examples below you’ll see it’s about so much more.

For Horizon great user experiences are about performance and simplicity without compromising on fun and also giving the users what they need to make their lives as easy as possible, e.g. by providing developers with the information they need as users of tools in an effective and informative way. Here are a few user experiences on the horizons of our squad:

Roland – Product Analyst AND Sportsman

An interactive CV which demonstrates true expertise and skills without compromising on fun:


I also like Wrapbootstrap,  for its’ dynamic image loading, live preview of the themes before you buy them, quick checkout and payment and feedback section.

 Susan – Squad Lead AND Digital Diva

Always being on the move, switching between devices and my love of clothes shopping – it has to be the persisted basket, which holds on to the contents of my basket until my next visit – whether it be on desktop or mobile sites. The winner for me for this has to be ASOS, one of our clients!



James M – Associate AND Bruce Lee Wanna Be

Dominos – Although I don’t use it much… (honestly!) I love it for its simplicity, the ability to jump backwards and forwards from the basket to change your mind or add things when you want, the flow of what is happening once you’ve ordered and the real time progress bar.



Josh – Associate AND Hackathon Organiser

My favourite is – nCube Home It has a clean flat ‘material’ theme with an abundance of eye-catching content without compromising performance. Parallax is also very well done. (and again, not intrusive)



James W – Product Analyst AND Full Time Geek

My favorite UX has to be Virgin America. The site has a natural and intuitive flow whilst not overloading the user with information. It is also very easy to use and the natural language used to guide the user from step to step is a nice touch. This is a definite stand out in the Airline industry, I just wish I had an excuse to use it more!


Sotiria – Product Analyst AND Moxie

My favourite UX has to be Drink Aware. This is website is all about educating the users on drinking and offers lots of clever tools and apps, such as unit and calorie calculators plus drinking assessment. It has great artwork and powerful imagery whilst still being informative to the user. I really like how you can share campaigns and the ability to search for channels outside the common ones and reach targeted audiences.


Andrei – Associate AND Auto Enthusiast

My favourite is – Bugatti . I believe it has a very clean design, and immerses you into the culture and passion put into building the engineering masterpiece that Bugatti represents. Bugatti has a big heritage and you can quickly pick that up from using their website.


Rachna – Product Analyst AND Lifelong Explorer

My favorite app is one that turns the complexity of learning a language and breaks it down into a fun, bitesize experience which guides you step by step. You can carry your learning in your pocket and practice your Spanish at any time anywhere – Duolingo of course!



George – Product Developer AND Fiction Fanatic

My favourite UX is with Stripe

Providing payment details during online checkout is often frustrating. At the very least, it’s usually an unappealing process (and not just because you’re handing away money!). The San Francisco-based startup Stripe have made a way (“Checkout”) of accepting payments over the internet with a clean, attractive design.

It’s not just the person paying using Stripe’s Checkout that has a great user experience. Stripe’s documentation for developers integrating Checkout into their apps and websites is easy to read and understand. For business owners, they have a simple fee structure which makes calculating the cost of using Stripe simple. Pleasing user experience throughout!


Laura – Product Developer AND Tattoo Collector

I love the Uber app. I love how it updates in real time so you can see exactly where your cab is and follow your journey. It’s intuitive to use and has really useful features like being able to easily separate personal and business journeys, and split fares with other passengers. The ability to store various payment methods and favourite addresses makes it an absolute breeze to use.


Barry – Associate AND Live Music Fanatic

Spotify’s “Year in Music” is an example of UX done incredibly well! The web app has a clean and intuitive layout that makes it fun to look back on what you spent your year listening to. Spotify compiled data from their millions of users, from hundreds of countries, to take a look back at the previous year in music.

The experience can range from the excitement of rediscovering artists & tracks you had forgotten about to being almost nostalgic when you look back at the different music that motivated your previous year. All in all, the concept is fun and engaging, presented in a dynamic way that gets users interacting with their music tastes in a new way.


What are some of your favorite or least favorite customer experiences? Tweet us with your favorite user experiences #ANDexperiences

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