Talent Pooling – The Future of Recruitment

27 March 2017 | Samuel Obafemi | About a 3 minute read
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Did you hear? Gone are the days of the rolodex filled with candidates and clients, the time of cold calling and speculative calls have passed, the age of job specs and job adverts are next to go! The future of recruitment is Talent Pooling and the future is here!


There was a time where rolodex and cold calling was necessary to find clients and candidates. Before the birth of the internet it was word of mouth and newspapers that candidates relied on to understand who was hiring and who wasn’t. The power was very much with the employers. They were able to easily pick and choose exactly who they wanted, with very limited competition from others. Wealth was too concentrated amongst blue chip companies. Therefore recruitment was very much just posting a generic job advert, having a ton of applicants to sift and choose from, having countless rounds of interviews and then deciding not to go with any and starting the process again.


Those days have long gone, the candidate is in control and competition/choice is at an all-time high. The market is rife with options, flexible options at that. The truth is a candidate doesn’t really want to be reading endless job descriptions and making the same job application over and over again. Especially those with a niche skill set, they detest the idea of applying to a role only to be told they have to jump through one thousand hoops to prove themselves. They want a tailored candidate experience specific to them. They want to know they have been hand picked out of a haystack and recognised to be a great fit for what you’re looking for. They want conversation not interrogation.


Talent pooling is building up a collection of candidates for a specific role, over a period of time. It is softly approaching candidates, not with the view to recruitment but to create conversation, create belonging and creating a community. Talent pooling is a sourcing effort to softly (very softly) approach prospective candidates where they are, tapping into their interests and hobbies and creating genuine relationships. This is the future of recruitment success.


Ways to set yourself up for Talent Pooling success:

  1. Partner your recruitment team with marketing/branding. It is important for these two teams to work hand-in-hand. They should understand where to find your prospective candidates, what material is pushed to them and how to push it out to them.
  2. Social. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Meetups, Conferences; whatever it may be, get to them. Not with the view to recruit but to create conversation and network. This one is simple but often overlooked. Get out to where your targets are.
  3. SME’s. Tap into the business to assist with recruitment. Passive candidates are more likely to respond to someone who is currently working in the role you are recruiting for than they would to a recruiter or HR rep. A Senior Developer will lower their guard to  someone who speaks their language as opposed to a Recruiter who they think simply wants their contact details and CV.
  4. Understand the candidate journey of applying for a role. Awareness to Education to Consideration then Decision. Understand this process and how you can maximise your presence online to alleviate any possible flags that may come up.
  5. Most important; Have a dedicated sourcing team. This team cannot be expected to do the day to day recruitment or immediate hires. This team should be solely focussed on Talent Pooling prospective candidates, pipelining, creating community and building networks. They focus on the tricky and difficult roles, much like a black ops team. This is a team very few companies will invest in, but the ones are usually the successful ones.


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