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8 October 2015 | Gary Houlihan | About a 3 minute read
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We are excited to kick off a new monthly blog feature – “Spotlight On…..”
This month we head right to the source of our business and hear from Paramjit Uppal, CEO of AND Digital.

Why did you start AND Digital?

Having started, built and sold a successful consulting business over 10 years, with all the challenges and rewards that go with it, you might be wondering why I decided to start another company. Well the simple answer is that I wanted to apply everything I’ve learnt to create something even more remarkable, and do it in an area that is even more exciting! There is no doubt that the future of every business now lies in their ability to apply tech to everything they do to serve customers, drive revenues, grow markets and for some, just to simply survive. I want to help these businesses and believe a new kind of professional services company is needed. One that totally focused on helping businesses and individuals accelerate their digital aspirations.

What makes AND Digital unique?

Every company says they’re different, particularly in professional services, where at the core really is just great people. Having seen many consulting and tech companies, I think there are three things that set AND Digital apart:

  • The simplicity and flexibility of our service model for our clients. We have applied almost an “as-a-service” approach to tech talent for clients
  • Our absolute focus on just the few core roles needed in building tech. With this focus, we can aim to be the very best in a crowded professional services marketplace
  • A culture and organisational approach that works at scale and yet still has a small company feel. We’ve established a whole way of working as Clubs, Squads, Support Crew, and Ground Operations


Why “AND”?

The “genius of the AND” is a phrase from a celebrated management guru Jim Collins where he states that truly visionary company embrace both ends of a continuum: continuity and change, conservatism and progressiveness, stability and revolution, predictability and chaos, heritage and renewal, fundamentals and craziness. And, and, and…

This mindset resonates really well with me. It’s how we feel service to clients should be: embracing good existing practices AND new approaches, combining the client’s own people AND an external flex partner, applying pragmatic blend of agile AND waterfall etc. Its also how we feel great companies of the future should be, embracing the scale and opportunity of big business AND the dynamic, energy and family feel of a small company, blending designers AND coders, consultants AND technologists … AND, AND, AND…


The really early days in Chandos Place

How are you feeling on the journey so far?

We’re on a really big journey… I have always felt that changing things only happens when you really believe in it and you focus on doing it really big. Hence, my personal BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) to build a remarkable 600 person company totally focused on partnering with enterprises on the acceleration of their digital ambitions.

In our short time so far, we have already built most elements to drive towards our BHAG. We’re already pushing close to 100 people and closing in on revenue of close to £6m. Not bad for a first full year of trading!



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